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  • Marcelo de Castro Bastos
    Apr 18, 2006
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      On the last exciting episode, aired on 19/4/2006 00:05, Kerry Coates
      invited the wrath of the gods by saying:
      > Marcelo,
      > Yes, thank you! I used to have Tidy but when I changed computers I
      > couldn't get it working again. I went through all sorts of e-mails trying
      > to get the file back to where it should be but I could never get it to
      > recognize the file. So I have been doing with out Tidy. Thank you for your
      > answer. If I had Tidy I would try it this way.
      > When I lost Tidy I wasn't overly concerned because I ran into problems
      > with it like you say -- sometimes it would scramble my page!
      > Then one day I decided it would be a good thing to have and tried to get
      > it back and it was futile.
      Tidy official page:
      Latest Windows build:

      Usually it's enough to just place the tidy.exe file in the same folder
      as Notetab.

      You MAY, however, have to add a line to the [Options] section in the
      notetab.ini (or notepro.ini if you are using the Pro version) file in
      the format:

      TidyExe=C:\Program Files\Notetab Lite\tidy.exe

      You can't edit directly the notetab.ini file with Notetab itself, by the
      way. You can use a different editor, or save it with a different name
      and manually replace it; but the easiest way by far is just to save the
      altered file as !notetab.ini (yes, that's an exclamation mark in the
      beginning), close Notetab and reopen it. Notetab will find the changed
      file and replace the old one with it automatically.

      You may also wish to create/fiddle with the tidy.cfg file. It should be
      in the Notetab folder.

      Oh, another interesting option to be checked is Igor Podlubny's free
      offline validator. It's small, reasonably fast, integrates well with
      Notetab, and can be found here:

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