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542Re:Form submission from AOL

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  • Gary Moyers
    Jun 2, 2000
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      Grant ,

      this is very interesting, would you have or know where I could see
      source code for what you describe below?


      Message: 1
      Date: Mon, 29 May 2000 23:07:09 +1200
      From: "Grant" <emerge@...>
      Subject: Re: Form submission from AOL

      > I have designed a form for an email type submission and placed it on
      > website. It works OK for everyone but people who try to submit with an

      > AOL email address. I know that AOLNET :-) does things differently than

      > the 'regular' internet but is there anyway I can code the HTML so that

      > my friends from AOL Land can join in the fun?
      > Thanks for any insight on this subject.
      > Gary

      As far as I know is AOL browser is just ie in a special wrapper. The
      most probably lies in AOLs email client.
      I don't know we don't have AOL in NZ
      I could never get Pegasus to send the Body of the mailto form.
      I guess that the mailto protocal is a bit tricky because relies on MAPI
      the behaviour of the email client.

      Anyway one solution I found was to replace submit button with a input
      then use javascript to collect the output of the form. (also a good time
      do validation checks) then open a new window and write to that window.
      new document contained a form with a mailto action attribute and a
      texterea and a submit button. Into the texterea was writen output from
      openers pages form. In this way the sender can see exactly what is being

      sent and be given a choice to directly mailto submit or in case of this
      failing( as in your aol users) then the user could easily copy and
      the texterea into their email client.

      Nowadays however my hosting server allows me to send email directly from
      web page. Much easier cause I don't have to worry about a clients
      If you host is ii4 ii5 enquire about cdonts which makes this possible.
      If your host is some unix variant enquire what cgi scripts are
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