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540Re: [NH] Warning: expected "html PUBLIC"

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  • Grant
    Jun 2, 2000
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      > <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//w3c//dtd HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN" "E:\NoteTab
      If you want to customise the DTD Doctype needs to be set to system not

      The following article shows how you can validate your document by
      customising a DTD

      you also might want to check out the discusion of the difference between
      lints and validators.

      >I tried the following in my .dtd file with and without %Color;
      >but Tidy still reports it. ???

      TIDY doesn't lay claim to be a validator and as far I am aware it is not DTD
      aware. It just checks that your markup is wellformed and that it complies
      with w3c recomendations.
      I'm not quite sure whether customising the DTD would work with the cse
      validator The above article says it is a lint not a real.validator.

      Just checked the CSE site.....
      In a reply to a post the CSE author Albert Wiersch said

      "CSE does not read DTDs.

      I will look into XHTML more for the next major upgrade. There are some
      features you can check now to help you:
      XML Compatibility
      Require optional closing tags
      Require lowercase tags and attributes
      Require quoted attribute values

      I think checking the above will help. Those options are in the Validator 2
      tab in the Validator Engine Options. "
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