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5399Re: [NH] Help with CSS --- Inheritance problems .... cannot see links in drop down

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  • loro
    Feb 12, 2006
      I still don't understand what you want to do but...

      Don wrote:
      >For all but the left two, when you hover, a drop down menu drops below
      >the button. That part is working, but they will not have images, so I
      >want the words of the links to appear. They aren't because the coding I
      >put to hide the links in the top image row are carrying over.

      No, that's not what's happening. This rule:

      #menu a {display:block; padding-top:24px; height:0; color:#000;

      applies to _all_ A inside #menu, i.e. all your links. You set the height to
      0 and the padding to 24px. That effectively moves the text of each "item"
      down one notch, 24 pixels to be exact. All that remains where the text
      would have been is the padding. If no other styles were used you would see
      an empty box at top. Where you'd expect the second link you'd see the first
      and so on and the last link would appear below the whole construct. But now
      you also apply 'over-flow: hidden' to those links. Since all text
      overflows, all text is hidden and what you have is a stack of top-paddings.

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