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5377Re: [NH] Photoshop scratch disks

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  • Don - htmlfixit.com
    Jan 13, 2006
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      sisterscape wrote:
      > I'm hoping you guys (and gals) can give me the low down on scratch
      > disks
      > Yesterday, Photoshop 7 started to complain about scratch disk space
      > when it loaded. I had made no changes in the settings nor was I trying
      > to open big files.
      > Over 85% of my 80 gig drive is free and I have 1 gig of RAM. XP said I
      > didn't need to defrag but I did anyway hoping it would fix things but
      > no. So what's up with this? And what prompted it to start with that
      > message out of the blue? Maybe I should reinstall?
      Usually when it complains about scratch disk space you are running low
      on disk resources. Not always. There should be a setting in photoshop
      for how big you want your scratch disk space allocated to be. You
      typically need 3-5 times the complete size of all open files to be
      available. If you are working on a few big files, you can quickly jam up
      against those limits.
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