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5369[NTB] Ordered lists

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  • Jody
    Jan 7, 2006
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      Hi Lou,

      I did not see any replies to this, so I'm sending it over to the
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      Fookes Software Discussion Mailing Lists

      I do not seem to be getting the ordered list correct.

      This what I get when I choose 7 items in the list
      > <li>sam</li>
      > <li>jim</li><ol>
      > <li></li>
      > <li></li>
      > <li></li>
      > <li></li>
      > <li></li>
      > <li></li>
      > <li></li>
      > </ol>

      I get this when I have 4 items in the list, select them, the click on
      the ordered list button.

      > <li>lou</li>
      > <li>bob</li>
      > <li>steve</li>
      > <li>walker</li>

      What am I not doing correctly?

      Version 4.95/np (full version)

      Warm Regards,

      Happy HTML'n!

      Fookes Software Yahoogroups:
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