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5333Re: [NH] About "Question Marks"

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  • Don - htmlfixit.com
    Dec 7, 2005
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      Bruce Meyers wrote:
      > I am just trying to explain why we are "forced" to use such awful
      > code. I just don't know of any easy way to turn word processed
      > documents into html.
      > Again, thank you for your analysis and replies
      > Bruce Meyers
      Open the document in word. Hit control + a, hit control + c.
      Open notetab, hit control + n, then hit control + v.
      In notetab select modify, document to html, with paragraph tags.
      Save and upload. It might not be fancy, but it will be readable.

      The other option is to have her use openoffice.org (version 2 -- great
      and free), save as either html (better) or better yet as pdf and add a link.

      Enjoy the challenge.

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