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  • Grant
    May 31, 2000
      Hi Jody
      Thanks for the list of URLs

      > If I do xhtml can I turn right around and use NoteTab's Tags to
      > uppercase?

      Yes but it won't be xhtml because xhtml is case sensitive and the case of
      tags and thier attributes must all be in lower case.

      >Why do you use xhtml over regular html and, in short,
      > what is the difference as far as a weekend page builder would use
      > them for?

      For beginners ---
      Mark up with xhtml is easier to learn than html as as the xhtml markup rules
      are more consistent than html.
      all tags and attributes in lower case
      all tags must be closed. eg; <p>closed with </p>
      Attribute values must always be quoted.
      and so on ... refer to the following one page w3c doc

      Also xhtml ought to produce a cleaner and more easily readible and alterable

      For advanced user.
      With xhtml you get the ease and familiarity of html with the power of xml.
      When you markup with xhtml what you get is "a reformulation of HTML 4 as an
      XML 1.0 application".
      If your xhtml document is well formed and valid then you can parse it as XML
      and use the DOM to manipulate it and CSS to style it. In an ms enviroment
      this means you can use the ms COM object. "microsoft.xmldom" and use the
      scriptable properties and methods available for that object. There are also
      various perl and java xml parsers you can use. It's early stages yet but it
      seems the futures is xml. I don't know who said it I think the quote is
      "Xhtml is the bridge between the past and future web"

      > Also, I can mess around with Tidy.cfg a bit and figured out how
      > to adjust indent or none at all, but how do I make it not do
      > anything to my existing format?

      set "markup" config declaration to "no".

      "markup: bool
      Determines whether Tidy generates a pretty printed version of the markup.
      Bool values are either yes or no. Note that Tidy won't generate a pretty
      printed version if it finds unknown tags, or missing trailing quotes on
      attribute values, or missing trailing '>' on tags. The default is yes. "

      The xhtml library has a wizard to help build a tidy config file. You can
      access the config file wizard by holding ctrl down while pressing the tidy
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