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5244Re: [NH] Search Entire Web Site for Keywords; Tools for it?

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  • blake mooney
    Oct 6, 2005
      Jody--I was always told that the word SEX in any phrase, keyword, metatag, or whatever was number one! The lead of that one word over all the others astounded me and still does, that is, until I listen to the news and tire of the murders, and then flip the channel to something else and there's one of the culprits hurting young girls these days: "GIRLS' GONE WILD." I'll say they have and they're paying dearly for it. Maybe NAIVE should be the second word.

      Jody <kjv-av1611@...> wrote:
      Hi All,

      I'm asking the following question on this list, because it is
      HTML related, but please do not discuss any software, unless you
      re-post to the Off Topic list. TIA

      Are there utilities (free preferred ;) that will search a whole
      site for a keyword(s) and give at least the count? Count per page
      and total would be even more great! Thanks! I figure if anybody
      knows this it is you guys/gals. (I'm trying to study why sites
      get high search result listings for certain keywords, FYI. I know
      there are tips out there on how to do it, but I would like to
      actually survey sites myself to see what makes them so unique to
      get top search listings.)

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