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5241Rob Henrichon of On Track Computer Solutions re: Thanks - [NH] weird behavior in FoxFire

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  • Rob Henrichon of On Track Computer Solut
    Oct 4, 2005
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      I believe I was not specific enough -

      in other words, what are the specific steps I need to do to make the clip
      work, starting from step 1 . . .
      Do I launch the clip in a separate tab? then open the htm file etc etc etc.

      PS can you resend the clip here if possible?

      many Thanks

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      Hi Rob

      ----- on 02.10.2005 03:01 Rob Henrichon of On Track Computer Solutions
      > How do you "make this function" as it just sits in the library as a
      > clip? In other words - what do you do with this clip?

      The function "gettitle" is called from the
      main clip: %tit%=^$gettitle(^##)$.

      It reads the title tag of the given document.

      Later in the main clip %tit% is used to check
      if the document is already open in a firefox tab.

      If the document is not found in 10 tabs it will
      be opened in a new tab.

      The code of "getttitle" could also be noted
      directly in the main clip.

      The advantage of functions is, that you can
      call them from every clip (in the same library),
      so you don't have to write often used routines again and again.

      On Functions see also NoteTab's clip help
      under "Custom Functions".



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