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5232Re: [NH] Changing CMOS and Formatting Hard Drive

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  • Marcelo de Castro Bastos
    Sep 30, 2005
      On 30/09/2005 00:49, Jody invited the wrath of the gods by saying:

      >Can I replace a CMOS, like the pitiful one above with (I think)
      >Megatrend or the one I want it that is the wrong name? If so, any
      >pointers? Where do I get the CMOS that I want? Is it free
      >normally? Can I copy it from another computer? Am I asking for
      >trouble? <bg> So far, I cannot boot up into DOS with what I have
      >available. It appears I can if I get a USB Floppy drive so I can
      >then use PQ Magic without having to reformat the drive. It is now
      >the NTFS format and I'll keep it like that when formatting.
      >DISKPART won't let me create a partition/volume on the only MBR
      Following up...

      I'm not entirely clear on this, but it appears that you wish to
      repartition your hard drive and you are having a hard time of it.

      Did you try booting from a CD? There are a number of ways for doing
      that. BootItNG, for instance, (
      http://www.terabyteunlimited.com/bootitng.html ) is a multipurpose tool
      (boot manager, repartitioner, imager) which can be easily burned into a
      single bootable floppy or CD. Best of all, if you don't intend to use it
      as a boot manager, you can use the "maintenance mode" (the one that does
      the repartitioning) without purchasing a serial number

      Be aware, however, that many computer makers will place a hidden
      "recovery" partition somewhere in your hard disk, which will contain
      (usually) an image of your C: partition as it was when it left the
      factory. If you erase it without backing it up (like to CD) first, you
      may be unable to restore your computer to the factory state afterwards.

      Marcelo Bastos

      ... "The game, Watson, is afoot." -- Sherlock Holmes
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