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5225Re: [NH] wierd behavior in FoxFire

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  • hsavage
    Sep 28, 2005
      Marcelo de Castro Bastos wrote:
      > I did a bit of experimenting with this issue...
      > The Mozilla browser (Firefox's "father") exhibits the same behavior...
      > provided that you are NOT using the "QuickLaunch" feature (which keeps a
      > part of the browser "pre-loaded" in memory).
      > Also, I noticed a related behavior using Opera: if Opera is closed, I
      > get an odd message saying that "Windows cannot find Opera.exe" (I
      > double-checked: the right path is set up in browsers.dat), but then
      > goes on to open Opera... and then, depending on the file name, Opera
      > cannot find it (apparently it gets truncated if it contains a comma,
      > for instance). If Opera is already opened, however, it works fine.
      > There is a filed bug with Mozilla about this problem, or one very
      > similar to it (https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=263701) but
      > after finding the thing about Opera, I'm beginning to think there might
      > be also a bug in the way Notetab forms the command-line.
      > MCBastos

      This 'View In Browser' info is not correct in my experience. Since I
      began using 'NoteTab' & 'View In Browser' I've used Netscape, up to the
      most recent version of Mozilla -Mozilla.org stopped updating Mozilla and
      concentrated the effort on Seamonkey. I've also used FireFox and on a
      limited basis, used several IE versions.

      Seamonkey currently appears to be Mozilla's predecessor, offspring if
      you like, Seamonkey is now my primary browser. I added Opera, since it
      became a free downloaded, for familiarization.

      I recall a minor problem with Opera, similar to -"Windows cannot find
      Opera.exe"-, which, if I recall correctly, was a path problem, I believe
      because I allowed Windows/Opera default to be the initial install
      location. I moved it, it works perfectly now.

      I haven't had a problem, other than the path problem mentioned, with any
      of these browsers and 'View In Browser' in NoteTab, that is, except with

      I also used 'QuickLaunch' in the beginning but do not, and, have not,
      used it for a very long time and Mozilla, Seamonkey, Opera and IE always
      display the correct page, correctly, without being loaded into memory

      I was never able to get FireFox to, dependably, display a page
      correctly. I don't know what the problem is, I don't think it's a
      NoteTab problem, I think it's strictly a FireFox problem.

      I've shared parts of my 'browsers.dat' file and would do so again. As
      someone else said this has been discussed before on these lists and most
      of the information is on Yahoo and in the archives. My browsers.dat may
      not be helpful to others but it is how I always start my different
      browsers from within NoteTab.

      hrs > hsavage@...
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