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5215OTL to HTML pages questions for making changes and improvements

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  • Doug Offen
    Sep 22, 2005
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      I have been working with Jody's otl to html pages clip and it is
      giving very promising results. What I would like to do is have a
      fairly simple and as automatic as possible a way to add more style to
      the plain text look of the pages created by the otl to html pages clip.

      I have modified the clip to have my preferences as defaults in the
      setup so that the sizes and colors etc., are preset.

      Ultimately I would like to assemble indexes to articles (and the
      article pages) that have a header image and can easily insert google
      adsense code into each page.

      How would I go about using a series of server side includes to insert
      this data? Are SSI files the easiest way to go?

      Sorry for the lack of details and specifics but I'm not too good at
      html or for that natter notetab itself.

      Doug Offen
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