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5205[NH] Print Preview IE6

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  • Fay Johnston
    Sep 1, 2005
      Just started using IE6. I find that on one set of pages, print preview takes
      so long to load that you'd assume you were going to print a blank page. It's
      been OK in other browsers, including IE5, although I did make some small
      changes recently.

      If you just hit Print, without looking at the preview, the print happens as
      it should, but who's to know that?

      I wonder if it's something odd I've got in the styles of those pages. They
      are short pages, mostly pictures.

      I'd be pleased if someone could tell me whatI should do to fix this, please.

      The offending pages are at http://www.izone.net.au/~yarraquilt/index.html

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