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  • Grant
    May 30, 2000
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      > I couldn't find the Clip(s) to check the tags, etc.

      Try selecting any text with tags then attempt to wrap with a provided clip
      Try a few badly formed wraps.
      eg; In trying to wrap </ul> without the opening <ul> an infobox will report
      "You are trying to wrap a closing tag. Where is the opening tag?"
      eg; try to wrap Ul element with another Ul element and an infobox will
      "You cannot wrap Element <ul> with <ul>
      valid Tags for <ul> are li".

      This does prevent all cases of syntactically bad wrapping but I think does a
      reasonble job to prevent some common markup typos.

      Nice Libraries
      > though and I see you added your Clipbar. ;)
      Ok so I cheated a bit and appropiated the existing icons to suit my own
      purposes. If I've got the time I'll create my own icons. Know of a good icon

      > A suggestion to add to certain Clips. ^!SetScreenUpdate Off makes
      > a number of them faster and much easier on the eyes. ;) Check out the
      difference in your select tag Clip in xhtml.

      Good idea and I'll see where else I can apply this.

      I have now added a new "element_can_contain" button , when cursor placed on
      an existing tag and pressed will present in an info box a list of acceptable
      tags that can follow. This should help those learning xhtml.
      Library can be downloaded at.
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