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5168Re: [NH] non SGML errors . . . lot's of them

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  • sisterscape
    Jun 3, 2005
      I just did a fresh download of WordPress and the characters are there
      just after I unzip the file. I noticed them before in Notepad but
      they were hidden in NoteTab.

      But here's the kicker . . . I just checked out a test installation I
      did on another server. It validates perfectly with the evil
      ournal%2F So this makes me think it's a server configuration. Does
      that sound logical?

      Thanks for all your input.

      --- loro <loro-spam01-@...> wrote:

      > sisterscape wrote
      > > Sorry to say, your
      > >suggestion 'I used the Edit button in IE to get it into NoteTab.'
      > makes
      > >absolutely no sense to me. Apologies for being so dense . . . but
      > >could you explain a bit more? I really need to get a handle on
      > this.
      > No, it's I that am dense. I was tired and didn't explain properly. I
      > have
      > added NoteTab at Tools | Internet Options | Programs | HTML Editor.
      > That
      > is, it comes up when I use Edit, not View Source. When I first posted
      > I
      > didn't think about that I had used the Edit button to get your code.
      > For
      > some reason the file sometimes comes up as partly binary when I do
      > and I
      > have no idea why that is so. If I download the same file with some
      > other
      > method I don't get the binary warning.
      > So I don't know. Maybe you could select the "illegal" space and just
      > do a
      > Find and Replace. Can't check since the oddities are gone now. Did
      > you
      > copy-paste from Word or some other Office program or did WordPress
      > put them in?
      > Lotta

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