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5119RE: CSS in the real world! (WAS: RE: [NH] FireFox Equivalent to Which version of Netscape)

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  • Greg Chapman
    Mar 18, 2005
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      Hi Ray,

      > The menu in http://www.eastwalton.fsworld.co.uk/ is very
      > appealing. Would you
      > please show me the relevant style definitions that permit your menu to act
      > like a segmented map? IOW, the words "HOME", WHAT'S NEW", etc.
      > don't run all together, and they display alternate background when the
      > cursor hovers over them.

      You'll see from the line:

      <LINK rel="stylesheet" href="eastwalton.css" type="text/css">

      that the css file in in the same folder as the index.htm file, so you could
      just enter http://www.eastwalton.fsworld.co.uk/eastwalton.css into the
      address bar of your browser and it should be downloaded for you. (In my
      case TopStyle opens and displays it, as it is the program I use for editing
      my CSS files.)

      As you've seen the site, it should also be hanging about in the folder:

      Documents and Settings\{UserName}\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files

      and you could open it from there.

      > A copy of the HTML is included below so others can follow.

      > *********html snippet*********
      > <DIV class="menu">
      > <DIV class="button">
      > <A class="leftbutton" href="index.htm">HOME</A><A
      > href="whatsnew.htm">WHAT'S NEW</A><A href="albums.htm">PHOTO ALBUMS</A><A
      > href="history/index.htm">HISTORY</A><A
      > href="memories/index.htm">MEMORIES</A><A href="feedback.htm">FEEDBACK</A>
      > </DIV>
      > </DIV>

      CSS snippet*****************

      .button a:link {
      background-color : #0066FF;
      border-right : 1px solid #0000FF;
      color : #FFFFFF;
      padding : 2px 20px;
      text-decoration : none;

      .button a:visited {
      background-color : #0066FF;
      border-right : 1px solid #0000FF;
      color : #FFFFFF;
      padding : 2px 20px;
      text-decoration : none;

      .button a:hover {
      background-color : #00FFFF;
      color : #000000;

      .leftbutton {
      border-left : 1px solid #0000FF;

      .menu {
      background-color : #0066FF;
      border : 1px solid #0000FF;
      color : #000000;
      font-family : Arial, sans-serif;
      font-size : .7em;
      font-weight : bold;
      padding : 2px 20px;

      > I hope you get plenty of opportunity to enjoy your SeaHawk!

      Thanks! It's almost thirty years old. I only bought it last year and its
      now due a serious overhaul before too much of the season is lost! A
      neighbour is currently doing some welding work on the trailer. I then have
      to remove all the fittings before stripping all the paint to prepare both
      hull and superstructure for re-painting. Whoever said boating was fun! :-)

      Greg Chapman
      Celebrating the SeaHawk!
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