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5118Re: CSS in the real world! (WAS: RE: [NH] FireFox Equivalent to Which version of Netscape)

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  • R Shapp
    Mar 17, 2005
      Hi Greg,

      I visited the two sites mentioned in your posting.

      The menu in http://www.eastwalton.fsworld.co.uk/ is very appealing. Would you
      please show me the relevant style definitions that permit your menu to act
      like a segmented map? IOW, the words "HOME", WHAT'S NEW", etc. don't run all
      together, and they display alternate background when the cursor hovers over

      A copy of the HTML is included below so others can follow.

      I hope you get plenty of opportunity to enjoy your SeaHawk!

      Thank you for the help.

      Ray Shapp

      *********html snippet*********

      <DIV class="menu">
      <DIV class="button">
      <A class="leftbutton" href="index.htm">HOME</A><A
      href="whatsnew.htm">WHAT'S NEW</A><A href="albums.htm">PHOTO ALBUMS</A><A
      href="memories/index.htm">MEMORIES</A><A href="feedback.htm">FEEDBACK</A>
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