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5087Re: Subtopics in Outline Docs to HTML?

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  • marbux
    Feb 28, 2005
      > From: Adrian/ Rosemary Worsfold Subject: Re: Subtopics in Outline Docs to HTML?
      > This may or may not answer your question.

      Unfortunately, it doesn't. I need to have everything wind up on one
      web page with a parent table of contents and child tables of contents
      at the tops of texts under the parent's corresponding topical
      headings. Kind of like a book that has a table of contents, then each
      chapter has its own table of contents, but all on one web page.

      How I have been coping with the problem so far is to work with the OTL
      and modify-to-HTML features to generate separate files for each topic,
      then doing much the same with a parent OTL document to generate a bare
      HTML file containing only the major headings and the main table of
      contents. The process ends by cutting and pasting the child HTML
      sections along with their individual tables of contents into the
      parent html file, then editing the reference and target html tags so
      the "contents" option in the subtopics take you back to the child's
      table of contents rather than the parent's.

      If I'm careful that gets me by, but carelessness or the need for
      revisions puts me in the position of having to extensively edit the
      combined HTML file, forfeiting the advantages of working in an OTL

      I've tried several outliners, including KeyNote, TreePad, and Maple.
      The only app I ever found that can do what I'm after is Compass,
      <http://www.softgauge.com/compass/index.htm>, a web bookmarks manager
      that includes outlining capabilities. It has a fairly rich .OTL
      templating capability that gives you pretty fine-grain control over
      HTML export, but the templating documentation is pretty poor. It also
      isn't very sophisticated as a text editor (it is, however, the best
      bookmarks manager I've ever found), and I'd much rather work in NTP.

      I really appreciate folks' contributions on this. I may just have to
      wait for the rewritten version of NTP.
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