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5085Re: [NH] Subtopics in Outline Docs to HTML?

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  • Adrian/ Rosemary Worsfold
    Feb 27 8:50 AM
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      This may or may not answer your question.

      I use NoteTab Light which prevents Outline editing. However, at some point I brought in a clip
      that converts TreePad files to Outline, not wholly successfully. I have now made two clips that
      does this successfully, and two that takes an Outline to TreePad. They either do it with the
      Treepad or Outline document in view, or opens them. A TreePad file with subtrees becomes
      an outline file with the headings all at one level (obviously, but more obviously if it is sent back
      to TreePad). TreePad links via KeyNote's export and import to KeyNote, so all these freeware/
      open source programs connect. The HTML export is a node per file, the node title entered into
      each file.

      Meanwhile an idea might be to insert a page break in NoteTab, say above headers, and print
      to PDF, and then use PDF to HTML to get a connected series of web pages which mimics
      the PDF reader having an index of pages down the left hand side. I have not tried this, but I
      can see the potential so will try. I never like printing in NoteTab. Crimson Editor and EditPad
      (free) does not have this, however.

      Applications clipbook is at http://www.enk.freeuk.com/learning/ict/writing/applclip.html (direct

      http://www.pluralist.co.uk - go to Learning and ICT

      Adrian Worsfold

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