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507Re: [NH] Form

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  • William K. Hardeman
    May 26, 2000

      You define different font classes to get the different colors. For example, the FONT definition you
      gave might be for your default page font, while the others might be

      font-family : times;
      font-style : normal;
      color: red;

      font-family : times;
      font-style : normal;
      color: white;


      Then, in your <font> tags, you would change the color by using the class definition via <font
      class=RED> to use any color other than the default one. Or, if you prefer to create classes that
      are not tied to a tag, just do the same as above, but don't use the FONT, just the .WHATEVER
      (dot WHATEVER). Then, you can refer to those classes in areas outside of FONT tags, doing
      away with them all together.

      Hope this helps,

      On 25 May 00, at 8:22, Jody said:

      > Hi Lotta,
      > But I obviously have to be missing a very big point here. Below
      > is good for one font tag. Now, I want to use about say 10 different
      > colors in my page. Using the old method which CSEVal... says is
      > getting replaced by .css I would wrap the text in it. In other
      > words show me how I make red white and blue font colors to use in
      > three places.
      > FONT
      > {
      > font-family : times;
      > font-style : normal;
      > color: blue;
      > }

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