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5030Re: [NH] FireFox and Extra Link/Page Opening

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  • Jody
    Feb 6, 2005
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      Hi Ed

      I cannot explain it, but now I get the extra link going to a site
      I visited at one time, and then switches to some other site that
      I do not think I have been to. You might try running some ad-ware

      >My first page is blank but the second page resolves to:
      >/Program%20Files/NoteTab%20Pro/Projects/Nclex5/location.html which is
      >the page that should open in NoteTab but instead I get Program Files.com
      >or http://www.programfiles.com/ now how does that come up when the
      >actual address of the page is in FireFox and how does it switch over to
      >www.programfiles.com? And yet still call for the page that is supposed
      >to open. Somebody who understands these things perhaps can explain it to me.

      Happy HTML'n!

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