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503Re: [NH] Form

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  • elssner@gmx.net
    May 25, 2000
      Hi Jody,

      > OK, after studying it a bit and seeing how it worked I said to
      > myself, "Self, you know, this doesn't appear to be as hard as it
      > looks. Maybe an ignernt hillbilly like you can learn himself
      > it." ;)
      > From what I can see is in the definition area (?) that the tags
      > are defined there and wherever used in the document body it will
      > ...

      Yes to all. ;-)

      There is a really good and somewhat easy to understand introduction to
      CSS in part three of our all father-and-mother-of-Tidy Dave Ragget's
      HTML tutorial. There is a link to it somewhere on the Tidy home page,
      as far as I remember.

      Happy CSSin' ! *g*

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