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5024Re: [NH] FireFox and Extra Link/Page Opening

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  • Jody
    Feb 5, 2005
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      Hi Alec, John, and Others,

      Do you have a link for the Mix Tab extension, or send it to me
      please. John, I had this problem once before with a previous
      version, but I forgot what I had to do in FireFox to fix it. Like
      mentioned awhile back, almost all FireFox (Mozilla as far as that
      goes) are caused by settings. I for one find numerous extension
      overlapping each other. I am quickly finding it best not to run
      any or just a few. I think some are needed though to get it to
      act right with NoteTab. (The two window thing has been an issue
      for many years with Netscape...) Eric has indeed spent a lot of
      time with the Mozilla family and in recent chats with him about
      it he doesn't think he can do anything about it. I know I had it
      working perfectly before by getting the right combination of
      options in FireFox. To me, the biggest problem with FireFox is
      the gazillion authors' stuff conflicting with each other causing
      bugs. (Yes, Alec, NetCaptor is my beloved browser. :) I find it
      the least buggiest and most reliable of any out there. It has its
      problems as well, but not near like the other - IMO.)

      However, I am the first to tell you that I'll always do my best
      to prove if a problem is in NoteTab or elsewhere. I, preferably,
      would rather have them in NoteTab and be able to be replicated so
      that Eric can fix the things. That is the problem in a nutshell
      though, because of the many bugs in some browsers and many
      features that add to the problems, it is nigh impossible to
      replicate them. ...and, as mentioned, a lot of time it is simply
      a matter of getting the "right" extensions in FireFox's case and
      setting the right features. Yes, using the open links from
      external applications seems to be a good setting in FireFox, but
      I cannot find that now. I'm uninstalling it all, cleaning
      registry and will start again. Yes, I did have the tabbed browser
      extensions installed.

      >It works fine for me whether or not Firefox (1.0) is already
      >open. If already open it shows the page in a new tab, if not
      >already open, Firefox opens and shows *just* the desired page.
      >Here's my browsers.dat line:
      >Command="C:\Program Files\AmbPF\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe"
      >I had previously used the Tabbrowser Extensions (TBE) but have read that
      >there are problems with it especially in conjunction with other extensions.
      >I've recently switched to using:
      >MFE: Tab Mix
      >Note: its not yet an authorized extension but appears to be working well.
      >Its install page says:
      >For a long time, we talk about how to rebuild the features of the powerful
      >but bulky TBE. According to these discussions, we can install several
      >extensions on Firefox and add the CSS rules in the userChrome.css file. But,
      >as we know, some extensions would conflict with another, some others are
      >already broken or out of maintain. Is it possible to combine the most
      >practical tab-related extensions together, then we could just install ONE
      >extension for a better tabbed browsing? That's what I try to do in Tab Mix.
      >Beware that Tab Mix is still unstable and might be buggy, use on your own
      >The code of Tab Mix is borrowed from the following extensions. Special
      >thanks to them:
      >Bradley Chapman's TBP lite 0.6 (the base of Tab Mix)
      >Bradley Chapman's Tabbrowser Preferences 1.0.0
      >Dorando + Caio Chassot's Minit (drag + indicator) 0.4
      >Samir L. Boulema's enhanced version of Minit, Minit 20040920_pass3
      >Stephen Clavering's Tab X 0.5
      >Stephen Clavering's Flowing Tabs 0.4
      >Stephen Clavering's Scrollable Tabs 0.1
      >Daniel Lindkvist's Focus Last Selected Tab 0.8.1
      >SHIMODA Hiroshi's Tabbrowser Extensions 1.12.2004120802
      >Morac's enhanced version of Tab X 0.5
      >NetOne's click2tab 0.8.0
      >Dorando's Undoclosetab 20041125.2
      >Turonah's Undoclosetab enhanced 20041126
      >Aaron's Single Window 1.4
      >If you've already installed any of these you should probably
      >uninstall them first.
      >If you want Firefox to operate much like your beloved NetCaptor I
      >think the key option to set in TabMix is:
      >Open links from other applications in: New Tab
      >Regards ... Alec
      > ( ) { } [ ] \ | 9 0 + = () {} []
      >---- Original Message ----
      >From: "Jody" <kjv-av1611@...>
      >To: "NoteTab & HTML" <ntb-HTML@yahoogroups.com>
      >Sent: Thursday, February 03, 2005 11:12
      >Subject: [gla: [NH] FireFox and Extra Link/Page Opening
      >> Hi All,
      >> For some reason FireFox is opening an extra page when I do a
      >> View in Browser from NoteTab Pro and also a different page with
      >> a view in browser from Album Express. I know I have visited the
      >> extra one that opens when I view a focused html file in
      >> NoteTab. Does anybody know where this might be coming from, the
      >> cause, or setting to turn it off?

      Happy HTML'n!

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