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5020Re: [NH] FireFox open as second browser

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  • hsavage
    Feb 3, 2005
      Marcelo de Castro Bastos wrote:
      > On 3/2/2005 21:30, Ed Brown invited the wrath of the gods by
      >> I have not made any changes in NoteTab.ini for sometime.
      > OK, the problem is that you are using Notetab itself to edit
      > Notetab.ini -- and when closing, Notetab will save the current
      state of
      > the options over the notetab.ini file.
      > There is another one I cannot recall exactly right now -- I
      believe it
      > was to save the file as notetab!.ini
      > Marcelo

      Ed & Marcelo,

      Edit NotePro/Std.ini in NoteTab, save as !NotePro.ini or
      NoteTab.ini, whichever is correct for you, restart NoteTab and
      the edited file will be used.

      hrs > hsavage@...
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