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  • Jody
    May 25, 2000
      Hi Lotta,

      > I went to WDG to check were they had hidden it and then it hit
      > me. The .chm that I've got is included in my validator. When I
      > got the validator I took the Reference out and put it were I
      > have had the old .hlp. I had forgotten it had ever looked
      > different.

      No problem. I just found out there is one in my Top Style. <bg>

      OK, I did my first one. ;)

      But I obviously have to be missing a very big point here. Below
      is good for one font tag. Now, I want to use about say 10 different
      colors in my page. Using the old method which CSEVal... says is
      getting replaced by .css I would wrap the text in it. In other
      words show me how I make red white and blue font colors to use in
      three places.

      font-family : times;
      font-style : normal;
      color: blue;

      Also, <CENTER> is to be replaced. I already have P equaling
      "justify." How do I center text now without using H1, etc.


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