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5009Re: [NH] Mailto question with a par tag

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  • Julie Wolf
    Jan 28, 2005
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      Hi ,

      I need to learn the correct way to do a <a href= with a mailto that
      includes the ?subject=
      specifically in an environment where there is a data tag for [myemail] that
      , when in html
      makes this tag do its own complete <a href=mailto .... </a> from with in
      the data [tag].

      In other words, the [myemail] data tag (when used in an html message)
      closes with </a>
      and in the begining adds its own <a href and mailto . But I am used to
      using in it in text
      mailto with subject included, ... and I dont know how to do this in
      html.... with this [myemail] data tag.

      I hope this makes sense.

      Can you help?

      I forgot how to post, can you remind me?

      At 07:16 AM 1/14/2005, you wrote:

      >Dart Chris wrote:
      > > Hi Christine,
      > >
      > > I think we get the point, but to nit-pick, here is the relevant bit from
      > > your text - I see no "were".
      > >
      > >
      > > what the heck the <div> tag is for?
      > >
      > > I'm working in documents created in Dreamweaver -- what a bunch of CRUD
      > that
      > > program inserts!!! -- and there are empty <div> tags all over the place.
      > > Among many, many other, empty tags.
      > >
      > > Those that contain data? The purpose of a <div> is to do what?
      > >
      > > Thanks,
      > > Christine
      > >
      > > I thought you might be viewing pages, made originally in DW, in something
      > > else - which you can do with a DW page - even in FP if you are so inclined,
      > > and still make sense of it. (It'll be full of crud when you take it out of
      > > FP if you have made changes!)
      > >
      > > Chris
      >Well the question is what is a div tag for. We have digressed a little :-)
      >Some of what you are seeing as junk is probably legitimate mark up
      >language. I have never used dreamweaver myself, but understand it is
      >typically one of the cleaner wysiwig editors. I have used (and survived
      >through) front page. It is horrible for the markup it adds to pages.
      >Earlier versions of it were especially bad as simply opening a page in
      >it added numerous tags. It bloats a page with repetitive tags.
      >So back on topic ...
      >The Div Tag is probably the second most significant "container" in web
      >page design. The body is the first containing tag to my way of
      >thinking. The reason to use divs is to create containers for major
      >sections of your page. Then into these containers you can put other
      >block or in-line elements.
      >Getting into cascading style sheets is a bit overwhelming at first.
      >Once you get the hang of it though, it is very liberating. If you look
      >at the skinable (or themed) sites on the web, you can by using these
      >containers move them about the page, change the look of them etc. It
      >truly frees and separates the content from the presentation.
      >Presentation is then controlled by a style sheet and the content is not
      >intermingled with the actually style rules, save for the id or class on
      >A couple of really good examples of the use of divs to move things
      >around on a page and give it a different look (notice content is always
      >the same):
      >I think of them like items in a home I guess.
      >body tag = the room
      >div tag = shelving units and major pieces of furniture
      >p tag = plastic containers on the shelf or items on the pieces of
      >furniture (like the stereo and tv and knick knacks and patty whacks)
      >I can then move the shelves where I want them, adjust the size of the
      >shelving units and paint them to my hearts content. I can do the same
      >with the plastic containers as well. Best of all I can do it on the fly
      >and change it without having to redo any of the actual page content as
      >the contents of the shelf go with it automatically when I move the shelf.
      >I hope that helps.
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