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  • Lotta
    May 25, 2000
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      > > http://www.htmlhelp.com/
      >Already got it and one on css, but could not find a .chm which I
      >prefer over .hlp or .html.

      For HTML 4.0 there is a .chm for CSS there isn't. Both are offered in other
      formats too, should anyone prefer something else.

      > >one has to be careful with CSS too.
      > >My Netscpe 4.5 don't
      > > understand much of it. Don't know for the new version. IE is
      > > better and Opera is said to be a wiz.
      ><Jody on soap box>
      >So, we're back to a browser thing. It all just does not make any
      >sense to me that all those knuckle heads running the show can't
      >get their rear ends out of their heads and get their act

      That's true. But on the other hand one can't expect a software written
      several years ago to understand W3C latest decrees. But for basic CSS they
      have had some time, I think.

      Not being an expert, I humbly think that basic HTML with careful use of CSS
      is probably the best way to go if one wants the page to be 'accessible to
      all'. And I think that most pages should be that.

      On the other hand, if one wants to play around - use whatever. If I want a
      site for me and my friends I don't care if the rest of the world can view
      it. One can always put a warning on the index to scare off any stray
      surfers ;).

      On Browsers - IE is evil in it's special way as it allows for vary bad
      coding and kindly display the page correctly anyway. This result in that
      it's very tricky to learn HTML using IE. "If it looks right I must have
      done it right". Two month later one adds something to this perfect site and
      everything collapses. "Why? I KNOW I had done every thing right." Great

      Opera - here I come!

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