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  • sisterscape
    Jan 15, 2005
      I have never done an absolutely positioned or proportional site using
      DIVs. FYI, DIVs can also build a fluid page using percentages and be
      cross-browser compatible too with a few tricks here and there!

      --- Adrian/ Rosemary Worsfold <change@...> wrote:

      > >Tables are seriously discouraged for anything that is NOT tabular
      > data for a number of
      > reasons -- theoretical ones being that they were not designed for
      > that and that they don't
      > "degrade" gracefully if the page is viewed in conditions very
      > dissimilar to the ones in which
      > the designer worked (for instance, they usually look very bad in
      > small-screen browsers).<
      > Yes, but if you do tables and make them percentage proportional, they
      > fill any browser size,
      > whereas all these DIV tags and absolutes mean that they scroll off a
      > 640 by 480 and are to
      > the left of anything higher than 800 by 600. Anyway, if it works, use
      > it.
      > Adrian Worsfold
      > http://www.pluralist.co.uk

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