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4976Re: [NH] Tell me again...

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  • Adrian/ Rosemary Worsfold
    Jan 15, 2005
      >Tables are seriously discouraged for anything that is NOT tabular data for a number of
      reasons -- theoretical ones being that they were not designed for that and that they don't
      "degrade" gracefully if the page is viewed in conditions very dissimilar to the ones in which
      the designer worked (for instance, they usually look very bad in small-screen browsers).<

      Yes, but if you do tables and make them percentage proportional, they fill any browser size,
      whereas all these DIV tags and absolutes mean that they scroll off a 640 by 480 and are to
      the left of anything higher than 800 by 600. Anyway, if it works, use it.

      Adrian Worsfold

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