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4970Re: [NH] Tell me again...

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  • Scott Fordin
    Jan 14, 2005
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      Christine wrote:
      > And had us try a Chinese delicacy called 100 year old eggs or something like
      > that. They were black and weird. I digress into Memory Lane.

      I got to sample 100 year old eggs (I was introduced to them as
      Ancestor Eggs) for the first time with a physics professor from
      the University of Beijing. He was visiting a mutual friend here
      in the States, and one afternoon/evening he prepared for us the
      most amazing banquet -- some dozen courses -- that lasted almost
      four hours. In any case, he told me that real Ancestor Eggs, are
      quail eggs packed in rock lime and buried in a river bank for,
      well, 100 years. The ones he had were only buried for about a
      month, but the general idea is that the lime reacts with the
      calcium in the egg shell and chemically cooks the egg. What you
      end up with are like black hardboiled eggs, but they taste a lot
      mellower than regular hardboiled eggs. Yummy, if visually a bit

      Sorry for compounding the digression.

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