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4969RE: [NH] Tell me again...

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  • Christine
    Jan 14, 2005
      When I was learning HTML (with the help of these lists, I might add), I had
      this fabulous, smart, funny boss. He was 3 months older than I and had been
      in computers since the early 80s ... in China. He said that I needed to
      learn to code by hand first, so I could always decipher my work and find
      errors. As always, he was correct. And with NoteTab, my clips are my own
      coding, so I know that's correct, which cuts down on troubleshooting! He
      was the best boss. He had the driest sense of humor I've ever experienced.
      And had us try a Chinese delicacy called 100 year old eggs or something like
      that. They were black and weird. I digress into Memory Lane.

      So, as I said, I'm cleaning up DW and all the CRUD! <LOL>

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