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  • Mark McLaughlin
    Jan 14, 2005
      >Dreamweaver has tools special to remove "CRUD" !

      DW does the best job of GUI driven website authoring tools on
      Windows based OS's, IMHO.

      FP, as befits an M$ product, sucks. No comparison.

      When I get a FP site to work on, I say, take the puppy outside,
      put it down, and start fresh.

      No need for that with DW sites.

      Just a comment ...

      Mark McLaughlin
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      www.bestcolorvideo.com/ 1021 Ridgeway Place, Victoria BC.
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      From: Dart Chris [mailto:c.dart@...]
      Sent: January 14, 2005 12:22 AM
      To: 'ntb-html@yahoogroups.com'
      Subject: RE: [NH] Tell me again...

      Hi Christine,

      Dreamweaver has tools special to remove "CRUD" ! ! Your should look at the
      junk Microsoft programmes insert ! ! ! ! ! If Dreamweaver is not doing it
      right for you I suspect your setup is not correct - it should specifically
      remove empty and unnecessary tags, including the billions generated by
      Microsoft ! Your comment does not sound like the Dreamweaver I know!

      Look under the "Commands" menu for "Clean up HTML" and "Clean up Word".

      Point - you say "created in Dreamweaver" do I perhaps get the feeling you
      are not now working in Dreamweaver but see the <!-- DW6 --> tag in the
      header. Your "crud" could be from elsewhere but the Dreamweaver label



      From: Christine [mailto:christine@...]
      Sent: Thursday, January 13, 2005 3:38 PM
      To: NoteTab HTML
      Subject: [NH] Tell me again...

      what the heck the <div> tag is for?
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