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  • Lotta
    May 25, 2000

      >thanks - I'll hunt for it.


      HTML Help by The Web Design Group:

      >So far, I cannot see any advantage in speed of me making a style
      >sheet so I can block quote over just clicking on my clip a few
      >times and be done with it. I am sure .css is better else it
      >would not be so popular, but then programmers knock NoteTab's

      The thing is HTML was never constructed for presentation. So people jammed
      things into structural or formatting tags, like Blockquote. CSS will take
      care of the presentational stuff.

      But when it comes to wanting all to be able to access your page, which I
      guess is the case since you're concerned about Opera, one has to be careful
      with CSS too. My Netscpe 4.5 don't understand much of it. Don't know for
      the new version. IE is better and Opera is said to be a wiz.

      Here's to the Golden Middle Way!


      >Failed tests, classes skipped, forgotten locker combinations.
      >Remember the good 'ol days
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