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4928Re: [NH] [NTB] Browsers.dat changes

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  • Larry Hamilton
    Nov 30, 2004
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      Here is what I have found, and I did some testing of -remote.

      Discovered from email lists or search of Firefox help related sites:
      -profile /profilename
      -console is used for debugging purposes, if no errors it closes the
      console and opens the browser.

      From Mozilla Command-Line page that work with Firefox (Some of these
      appear to "work", but it seems to only launch the browser):

      "URL" i.e. firefox "www.mozilla.org"
      -h or -help This is supposed to list all the supported arguments, but
      does nothing.
      -quiet or -nosplash
      -p "profilename"
      -remote This is supported in Unix/Linux only. Just the -remote switch
      starts Firefox. Using -remote openURL(http://mozilla.org, new-tab) gets
      interesting results, it opens up the Japanese Tabbrowser extension page.
      Here is the page for the remote options:

      Googling for "firefox command-line-args" without the quotes got more
      helpful information than "firefox command line switch".

      The following link mentions that some Mozilla command line args may not
      work in Firefox.


      If there is a way to make these switches work on Windows, please let us
      know. This will be handy for working with my Linux partition (Was RedHat
      7.2, then upgraded to RedHat 8, then upgraded to Fedora Core 3. Going to
      FC3 has been a lot of extra work, it would have been easier to format
      and start from scratch.), maybe I can get my NoteTab clips pulling up
      the desired stuff in Firefox.

      Larry Hamilton
      My Webpage
      Sales Affiliate for Grisoft Anti-Virus

      Josh - CK wrote:
      > -remote
      > On Tue, 30 Nov 2004 23:45:22 -0500, Larry Hamilton
      > <lmh@...> wrote:
      >>Out of curiosity, I did some more testing.
      >>Using a simple clip:
      >>^!URL [Firefox] http://www.genealogytoday.com/
      >>It opens Firefox with this in the first tab.
      >>If I use a more complex example, like from my previous post where a file
      >>is created by a clip and the new file is called up in Firefox, if
      >>Firefox is closed, it does the odd behavior noted. This is with either
      >>the ^!URL [Firefox] command or with F8 with Firefox set as the main
      >>However, if I CTRL+double-click the URL, Firefox opens with the desired
      >>URL displayed in the first tab. Firefox is not my default browser, but I
      >>used the URL in the clip above, from the clip editor tab. This must be
      >>the same as running the clip since it has ^!URL [Firefox] preceding the URL.
      >>I am trying to find a list of the Firefox command line switches. So far,
      >>I have found 3, but no comprehensive list. The three are:
      >>-profile /profilename
      >>If I find more or find a list, I will post. If anyone else already
      >>knows, please let us know.
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