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4924[NTB] Browsers.dat changes

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  • Alec Burgess
    Nov 30, 2004
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      ** moved to NTB-HTML **

      hsavage: >> I recall only 1 list responder that said they had
      >> FireFox working correctly ...

      With this browsers.dat definition of Firefox:
      Command="C:\Program Files\AmbPF\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe"

      ie. *just the one line* and no DDE stuff and no "-browser" paramater

      and using:
      FFox 1.0 and
      Tabbrowser Extensions with with it set to use:
      - only tabs and never windows:
      - and with:
      -- External Links from Other Applications=Open in New Tab

      setting Notetab-2nd Browser to [Firefox] I see the following behavior:

      - if Firefox is *not* open I get a 404 with an invalid URL
      eg: trying to open : C:\TEMP\nospaces.htm
      opens two pages - an empty (Untitled) page with the Address bar blank *and*
      a second page with the incorrect URL: http://temp/nospaces.htm

      - once Firefox *is* open and still displaying the erroneous URL, again
      clicking 2nd-browser on the above file this time opens it (and any others)
      correctly as:
      URL: file:///C|/TEMP/nospaces.htm

      As an experiment, I closed Firefox, reopened it from its startup shortcut.
      This opens correctly and displays my HomePage as it should. Again clicking
      2nd-browser on the above file it (and any others) open correctly as above.

      Hyptothesis: there is some bug in FFox 1.0 which makes it fail to load the
      page externally requested if FFox is not already running.

      Workaround: Start FFox manually before attempting to open pages from Notetab
      or *expect* the first failure and just redo the Open from Notetab.

      Question: Anyone else seeing similar behavior and/or able to open a page in
      a "non-browsers" window from Notetab even if FFox 1.0 is *not* already

      Regards ... Alec

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