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4923Re: [NTB] Browsers.dat changes

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  • Jody
    Nov 30, 2004
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      Hi Harvey, Don, and Others,

      Let's take this over to the NoteTab and HTML list. Once we discuss
      this out *again*, ;) I'll add any new information to the
      different things tried and have some success and then post it
      over on that list. Most people wanting to use the View in Browser
      and View in Other Browser are doing HTML work, so it's best that
      we don't bother the folk on this list, the NoteTab Basic list
      with all this. I think we are getting very repetitious also. Once
      I get my compilation finished, we can just refer people to it.
      Thanks! (Yes, it should be an FAQ Don, actually, it is one of the
      FAQs I have been working on for my site, but it's not ready to
      announce yet though) More below...

      > Harvey wrote:
      >I recall only 1 list responder that said they had FireFox working
      >correctly. I've tried dozens of combinations, downloaded various
      >extensions and the only thing I could find that would dependably
      >let you view a page is the browsers.dat below. Basically, all it
      >does is show a file in html, you have no menues or copy/paste
      >ability, but, it does reproduce a page well.
      >Jody says,
      > > NoteTab. Mozilla browsers are a pain to get working. There seems
      > > to be a lot of variables, because different thinks work on
      > > different machines.
      >I have absolutely no trouble with Mozilla, it is my primary browser.
      >The browsers.dat entry is below. Mozilla is flawless on my machine.

      I suppose I used Mozilla too loosely. I meant the Mozilla family
      of browsers: NetScape, Mozilla, FireFox, etc., not just Mozilla,
      the actual Mozilla browser. There are quite a few that cannot get
      it working correctly either from NoteTab. I'm one of them using
      your code below with modifications for my machine. Mine works
      better if I use -browser instead of -quiet. If I use -quiet no
      page is loaded. If I use -browser, I get a page, but it is like a
      full screen mode. Only the Titlebar and the page is shown. I do
      have mine configured in the Other Browser Shift+F8.

      ; Command=E:\Browsers\Mozilla\mozilla.exe -quiet
      Command=E:\Browsers\Mozilla\mozilla.exe -browser

      I went back to putting it in the Other Browser (Shift+F8) and
      changed the Application to the name .exe name and took out the -
      browser or -quiet and it works in View Other Browser now, but
      always opens a new window. I have to change mine back so that it
      will reuse the same window. I can live without the ToolBar, etc.


      Happy HTML'n!

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