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491Re: [NH] Form

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  • Jody
    May 24, 2000
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      Hi Stefan,

      > So I think you should be happy that you get no quotation marks
      > around your constructs, at least. ;-)

      Yes, but if you look at any text book, at least the ones I have
      seen, block quotes are always indented evenly on both sides.
      Although, I suppose there are some publishers that refuse to be
      associated with the others. <bg>

      I submitted a bug report to Opera anyway whether it is or not. At
      any rate, the indentation shifts on the right side depending on
      how many <BQ>s are used. To me, that in itself is wrong. If
      they don't want to be like M$, and I don't blame them (except for
      cases like this), then at least make the right side even all the

      Anyhow, I guess I have to start relearning HTML and unlearning all
      my "bad" habits. :( Don't those guys have anything else better to
      do than make more work for us all. <g> I know, it is for the
      better trying to get to a standard of some type.

      Bye for now,
      Jody Adair
      Prov. 3:5-7; 4:23

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