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  • Jody
    May 24, 2000
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      Hi Grant and Stefan,

      >> Try a <center>?

      Been there, done that. :(

      > To reiterate what stefan said---That a browser chooses to
      > display BLOCKQUOTE by indenting text is incidental to the
      > meaning of the element.

      I thought that is what its purpose was. ;)

      OK, after studying it a bit and seeing how it worked I said to
      myself, "Self, you know, this doesn't appear to be as hard as it
      looks. Maybe an ignernt hillbilly like you can learn himself
      it." ;)

      From what I can see is in the definition area (?) that the tags
      are defined there and wherever used in the document body it will
      render that text as defined like when I took your "strong" and
      wrapped Clipbar in it. I saw the same with "em"> So, I see how
      that is done. A few questions and I can do my own page - maybe -
      haha. Please keep it short and simple if you can. :)

      Since "strong" is used and defined as red, how would I use
      "strong" to wrap text elsewhere in blue?

      What does "center" look like; can I open my Top Style 1.51 Pro
      and is there a cheat sheet for this stuff?

      What is used in place of <DIR> or <UL>?

      Is there an online dictionary like Web-O-Mania for HTML terms?
      As far as I am concerned an "element" is what one puts his pot of
      grits on and turns on the stove to cook them. ;)

      ><style type="text/css">
      >font-weight: bold;
      >text-align: justify;
      >font-size: larger;
      >font-style: normal;
      >color: red;

      > www.markup.co.nz/xhtml/libraries/xhtml.zip

      I'll take a look see at you XHTML Library.

      Got to start working on the next ClipClass lesson now.


      Clean-Funnies: click and send...
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