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  • elssner@gmx.net
    May 24, 2000
      Hi Jody,
      > Thanks, but I believe I narrowed down my <BLOCKQUOTE> problem to
      > a bug in Opera. See http://home.att.net/~mytestbed/htm/bq.htm
      > ...
      > indent. The whole page passes CSEValidator and Tidy with only
      > messages about <FONT> becoming extinct in favour of .css. ARGH,
      > those folk are going to force me to learn HTML yet.
      *bg* These cunning rascals...

      Regarding Opera: Look up in the sky! Is it a bug, is it a feature? No,
      it's Operman! ;-)
      Without joke, <blockqoute> is by intention a more logical style
      element, rather than a physical, and its main purpose is to make quotes
      recognizable inside a document, as you know. Therefore the HTML 4
      specification requires that it make an indent, and even suggests that
      it should place quotation marks around its content. But it allows user
      agents (browsers) to omit the quotation marks, to be compatible with
      well learned folks like you who use to (ab)use <blockquote> for layout
      tasks - since before CSS there was no other way to do such indents, but
      the (ab)use of tables... ;-) So I think you should be happy that you
      get no quotation marks around your constructs, at least. ;-)

      As far as I can see on your testbed page Opera tries to do the justify -
      but with it's own idea of indenting in mind. There is nothing in the
      HTML Spec that tells that the indent must be on both sides. Try a

      However, when you come to use CSS for fonts, use it for the indents
      too, and you should be safe.

      margin-left, margin-right for several indentation-classes, appropriate
      class attributes to the <p> or even <div> tags - done.

      Auf Wiedersehen ;-)
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