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4859Re: XP SP2 NoteTab Related Information, Bugs, Etc. (Was Re: [NH] HTML Reference Library)

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  • Larry Hamilton
    Oct 15, 2004
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      My HTML Reference Library broke sometime between SP1 and SP2. Installing
      the Visual Basic Runtime version 5 fixed it, and I suspect would have
      fixed it pre-SP2.

      I also have not had any trouble with CSE Validator Lite. I just tried it
      and it works solo or by being called by NoteTab. I even upgraded to the
      latest version of Lite and it still works.

      What I have noticed it that SP1 slowed down my system and then SP2
      slowed it down a little more. I think it is time to find the time to
      wipe the drive and do a fresh install. My Linux dual-boot partition does
      not have any of these issues. I guess you get what you pay for. Linux is
      free so no blue screens or lock ups or slow downs! I paid for Windows so
      I get all the joys of Windows re-boots, slow downs and lock-ups. Granted
      XP is better than the prior versions but it does not have to be as slow
      as it is, Linux and other OSes prove that a desktop OS does not have to
      be that way. My Linux partition takes about as long to boot as Windows
      (it's an older version of RedHat), but once it is up it is noticeably

      Larry Hamilton
      My Webpage

      Jody wrote:
      > Hi Larry,
      >>I do not know why I had it working and then it stopped, but it
      >>did. I have WinXP Home SP2, which one would think would have all
      >>that was needed to make the HTML Reference Library work, but hey
      >>its Microsoft! ;-)
      > XP SP2 has done some minor bugs here and there. I know of a
      > couple that would be of interest to some of you on this list.
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