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4858XP SP2 NoteTab Related Information, Bugs, Etc. (Was Re: [NH] HTML Reference Library)

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  • Jody
    Oct 14, 2004
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      Hi Larry,

      >I do not know why I had it working and then it stopped, but it
      >did. I have WinXP Home SP2, which one would think would have all
      >that was needed to make the HTML Reference Library work, but hey
      >its Microsoft! ;-)

      XP SP2 has done some minor bugs here and there. I know of a
      couple that would be of interest to some of you on this list.

      1. Replace/Restore MS Notepad was broke due to SP2.

      Fix: I have a Clip working now for XP SP2 installs. It and the
      Library still needs some cleanup/fine tuning, but it has been
      tested thoroughly by me and about a half dozen others. If you
      would like a copy of it now (consider it like a public release
      candidate #1 ;), please write me in private eMail to the address
      in this eMail or Jody@.... I will not send it to people
      who reply on the list asking for the sake of the other list
      members. :)

      2. It appears that CSE HTML Validator also got broke on at least
      two systems, a customer and mine when using it from NoteTab.

      Fix: We tried uninstalling/reinstalling, etc. to no avail. The
      actual fix was to search the registry for all entries made by CSE
      HTML Validator and remove them (uninstalling the validator
      first). Albert Wiersch, its author, purposely leaves the entries
      in the registry when it is uninstalled. There are instructions
      for manual removal of it in the registry at his site.

      How do I remove the HTML Validator option settings from the

      I'm having trouble with an upgrade installation. How do I do a
      clean install?

      Happy html'n!

      www.notetab.net www.clean-funnies.com
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