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4840Re: [NH] Can't set Note Tab as default editor in IE any more

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  • Jody
    Oct 1, 2004
      Hi All,

      Please take all the threads on the HTML list dealing with
      FireFox, default HTML editor, Replace MS Notepad and the like
      over to the Off Topic list. Jim Hall has been very busy lately,
      but I will let him know that his procedure does not work anymore
      with XP Pro/Home SP2. Please keep Subjects current with what is
      in the message body. TIA

      Please reply to this on the Off Topic list. See my signature line.

      I can get Replace MS Notepad to stick as long as if I do not
      Restore MS Notepad and then Replace MS Notepad again. I then have
      to run my Clip to delete the files in the service pack and
      dllcache folders. So, I'll be working on a Clip that hopefully
      will make it so we can toggle back and forth with just one click.

      If you don't want it to toggle and just want your text file and IE
      HTML editor to be NoteTab, then just:

      1. Associate all text based files you want to open in NoteTab
      under the Associations tab in Options.

      2. Under the HTML Files tab Add htm and html file types so that
      when you right click on go to Windows Explorer (or My Computer)
      and choose Edit, they will open in NoteTab.

      3. In the Utilities Library in NoteTab scroll down to the NoteTab
      Shortcuts area and click on the Clip "Add IE Default HTML Editor"
      so that when you use the Edit icon or View Source they will open
      in NoteTab.

      Note: With that configuration the only time that Notepad will be
      opened is when a program forces Notepad to be used.

      ... and one more time <g>
      Please reply and make all other messages that are not HTML
      related over on the Off Topic list. Please do not reply to these
      messages and ask HTML questions in them - please make all
      Subjects to reflect what your message is about.

      > ...although I followed Jim Halls guidelines.

      > I think it would be useful to include your reference to the
      > second hidden file in the ServicePackFiles-directory in Jim
      > Halls replacement-guide... I never had the need to use it,
      > until SP2. Jody refers to it frequently, but at this moment it
      > is not complete. Of course, Jody could also refer to your post.

      Happy Topics,

      The NoteTab Off-Topic List
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      http://www.notetab.net/ http://www.clean-funnies.com/
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