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4838RE: [NH] Can't set Note Tab as default editor in IE any more

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  • Harkavy HOME
    Oct 1 12:42 PM
      Sorry. One more thing. I'm having a problem getting the html version to
      come out in Firefox when I hit F8. I just get a buggy Mozilla window
      with two other meaningless, weird tabs on it. So I've resorted to using
      IE as the "other browser." But I'd rather stick with Mozilla for
      everything. Any suggestions.

      Ward Harkavy

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      Subject: Re: [NH] Can't set Note Tab as default editor in IE any more

      Hi Nigel and Others,

      Thanks for all the input so far...

      >I don't know why there is not a "Replace MS Notepad..." in your drop
      >down "Help" menu in Note Tab Pro, there is in mine, maybe Jody will
      >know why.

      We ought to move this over to the Off-Topic list, please! :) See my

      Well, I have Windows XP SP2 installed now, but haven't found a sure fire
      way to use the "Replace MS Notepad" yet. I won't get into everything
      I've come up with so far, but when I get something solid I will post. It
      will probably be in the Clip form, unless I can find a way to keep it
      restoring on its own after restarting NoteTab, rebooting Windows, and
      having it on/off. I think there are other areas also than what has been
      mentioned like if one has Win98 installed on the same machine. :) I
      really don't know yet, but figured I'd post and let you all know I am
      working on it too - not that that is anything special, but the more
      heads working on it the sooner we might find a sure fire fix.

      Happy Topics,

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