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4837RE: [NH] Can't set Note Tab as default editor in IE any more

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  • Harkavy HOME
    Oct 1, 2004
      Is there really any good reason to install SP2?

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      Hi Nigel and Others,

      Thanks for all the input so far...

      >I don't know why there is not a "Replace MS Notepad..." in your drop
      >down "Help" menu in Note Tab Pro, there is in mine, maybe Jody will
      >know why.

      We ought to move this over to the Off-Topic list, please! :) See my

      Well, I have Windows XP SP2 installed now, but haven't found a sure fire
      way to use the "Replace MS Notepad" yet. I won't get into everything
      I've come up with so far, but when I get something solid I will post. It
      will probably be in the Clip form, unless I can find a way to keep it
      restoring on its own after restarting NoteTab, rebooting Windows, and
      having it on/off. I think there are other areas also than what has been
      mentioned like if one has Win98 installed on the same machine. :) I
      really don't know yet, but figured I'd post and let you all know I am
      working on it too - not that that is anything special, but the more
      heads working on it the sooner we might find a sure fire fix.

      Happy Topics,

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