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4831Re: [NH] Can't set Note Tab as default editor in IE any more

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  • Marcelo de Castro Bastos
    Sep 30, 2004
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      On 30/9/2004 17:11, Nigel Hall invited the wrath of the gods by saying:

      >Up until recently, Note Tab was set as my default editor, so that
      >when I clicked on View/Source on the drop down menu, at the top of
      >the Internet Explorer screen, it would show the HTML in Note Tab.
      >However, now it does not, and only shows the HTML in Notepad, when I
      >click on View/Source. I have tried going to "Help" in the drop down
      >menu, in NoteTab, and clicking on "Replace MS Notepad...", but it
      >does not work. I get a box that asks if I would like Note Tab Pro
      >to execute, instead of MS Notepad, and I click on "Yes", then I get
      >a Warning box that says, more or less, that Windows may try to stop
      >me from doing this, but I must cancel a message telling me to
      >restore the original Notepad, and, when it asks again, to tell it
      >that I want to keep the unrecognised file version. I am getting no
      >messages from Windows, and I just can't get NoteTab Pro to work from
      >the drop down menu in Internet Explorer.
      >I have been using NoteTab from the drop down menu, with View/Source,
      >for about 2 years and have only had a problem since I installed XP
      >Service Pack 2 and a couple of more recent updates.
      >Can anyone help, please?

      OK. What's happening is this:
      - What the "Replace MS Notepad" feature in Notetab does is rename
      Notepad to something else and then replacing it with a dummy
      "notepad.exe" file that only calls Notetab instead.
      - The problem is: recent versions of Windows (Win2000, XP, etc) have a
      "file protection" feature that won't let a bunch of files considered
      "essential" to Windows being deleted, replaced or otherwise changed. If
      any of those things happen, Windows will silently replace it back with a
      fresh copy. In Windows 2000, you have only to delete/rename the "clean
      copy" of notepad.exe (which is in the C:\WINDOWS\system32\dllcache
      subfolder) to get around this. Windows will complain, and ask for the
      original disk; Just Say No and the trick will work.
      - After SP2 is installed, the feature gets a bit harder to get around;
      now, it will search for notepad.exe ALSO from the
      C:\WINDOWS\ServicePackFiles\i386 . If it finds it in either place, it
      will not only restore the file in the system32 folder, but also in the
      other "backup" folder.
      - So, what you have to do is to rename BOTH backup files -- in the
      dllcache AND in the ServicePackFiles\i386 folders -- BEFORE using the
      "Replace MS Notepad" feature. When you do, Windows will complain,
      threaten you with loss of system stability yadda yadda yadda... just
      click "Cancel" and you will be fine.

      (Just to be sure that it has all gone well, look at the "notepad.exe"
      file in the C:\WINDOWS\system32\ folder... if it is 19kb long and
      displays an old-fashioned, "Windows 95" icon, then the trick worked. The
      new file is 68 kb long and sports one of the new "Teletubbies" (sorry,
      "Luna") style icons.

      The funny thing is, I left a perfectly good copy of the original
      Windows notepad.exe in the C:\WINDOWS folder (and it's supposed to be
      there, it came in the original installation of XP, so Windows File
      Protection supposedly *knew* it was there) but WFP didn't try to use
      *that* one to restore the configuration. Go figure...

      Marcelo de Castro Bastos
      ... Boy: A noise with dirt on it.
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