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4694RE: [NH] Re: Your confirmation is needed

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  • Christine
    Aug 14, 2004
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      What a vicious circle, Ed! I would throw some of the MS products over in a
      heartbeat, too, if other things were as smoothly integrated and/or actually
      worked. I was fiddling with an old copy of OS2 the other day. Almost --
      but not quite -- missed the simplicity of it and Windows 3.1 for a quick
      moment. Then I got over it. Being a hardware geek (not the programmer
      Blake thought I was), I don't miss I/O fiddling, and think PnP is a huge
      improvement IF you know how to tweak it.

      I wonder what makes one a Linux expert? An expertise in Googling? In that
      case, we would all be considered experts. What you described is as
      frustration as a MS or some so-called support person demanding you reboot
      when it is TOTAllY unnecessary.

      So it goes....

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