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  • Ed Brown
    Aug 14, 2004
      Hi Christine,
      As for me no offense taken. But you are right even if you are politely
      trying to tell someone to shove it, you need to do it with a smile at
      least. ;-> an emoticon that is. I am sorry to hear that BellSouth is
      not the same there as it is here. I had the greater support from
      BellSouth than other ISP that I have ever been with. But then I am way
      down in MS perhaps that is the reason. And if I prefer OE for various
      or any reason that is my personal choice. But because it is a potential
      virus nest I have dropped it and IE also. But they sure had some good
      features that I miss.

      I am also trying to get Mandrake 10 working but until it performs as
      easily as Microsoft OSes then I will stick with MS because it takes too
      long to perform the same job when using Linux. I do not have the luxury
      of taking longer to do a job. If Linux ever wants to hit on all
      cylinders it will have to work as easily as does Microsoft. I have
      downloaded apps in Linux and still have not been able to get them
      working. You ask a Linux expert what you need to do and all they will
      say is google it. Heck, if I had time to google it I would not have
      asked in the first place. When I download app or program and can simply
      click on it to get it to work then I will take a longer look at Linux.
      Until then, it just another toy to play with imnsho. :-!
      Kindest Regards

      Christine wrote:

      > It is hard to tell when someone is joking without emoticons, so I must
      > assume you're not.
      > You have e confused, totally, with someone else!
      > Blow up I do not, rant, perhaps. I don't care about the government unless
      > they invade my or someone else's bedroom. I have no suit, might code
      > more or
      > less that 90 lines of code -- if I code at all, since I'm also not
      > known at
      > all as any type of coder at all.
      > Exchange Admin, Yoga teacher, Bartender, Gardener, Pet Rescue-er and
      > Owner?
      > Yes. All you mentioned, some of which Id love to be, no.
      > Christine
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