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  • rbmooney
    Aug 13 9:00 PM
      It's getting easier for me to tell when these programmers have had a bad day. Christine is well known as a very original coder but she seldom got riled until late. She blows up when someone brings up politicians--she wants them all in stockades--but esp. the zaniness of the US Gov't's priorities. She also is the one with a personal civil lawsuit against Gates et al about their sloppy coding of OE and the gross "broken code" gaps that are common knowledge to every high school hacker. She told me she now limts her daily production to 90 lines of code--take it or leave it, she tells the others at YAHOO. A very sardonic woman.

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      From: Christine
      To: ntb-html@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Friday, August 13, 2004 8:09 PM
      Subject: RE: [NH] Re: Your confirmation is needed

      Sorry if the truth strikes a cord with someone who chooses to use OE then
      whines about it. (Not that Ed or Blake were whining.) It is like moving in
      next to an airport and complaining about the traffic, moving to CA and
      complaining about the earthquakes, or Florida and their hurricanes. At
      least in my opinion. Belittle? No. To belittle is to make fun of someone
      for something they can do nothing about. That, I was not doing and would

      Bell South is overwhelmingly crappy around here, which is also a statement
      of opinion and unfortunately all to frequently, fact.

      So I am sorry about the 'd@mn' word. I should have used the word 'darned'.
      I live in Washington, DC and should be used to the PC police and living in
      fear of potential, usually unrealized offences. No, actually I'm lying. I
      am not sorry, but I will consider your interesting choice and venue of
      reprimand and will not use the word (here) again.

      So, as list honcho, I'm glad to finally see you're gonna do something about
      the actual topic of these threads. The Ezine autoresponse and the Yahoo!
      rejection notice? I wondered that it has gone on so long, seemingly without
      being addressed.

      TIA to you, too! :)

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      From: Jody [mailto:kjv-av1611@...]
      Sent: 13 August, 2004 19.07
      To: ntb-html@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: RE: [NH] Re: Your confirmation is needed

      Hi Christine,

      Please refrain from cussing and belittling others. TIA

      >...OE and figure those who are told the risks and continue to use
      >it deserve what they get.

      Happy html'n!

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