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4679RE: [NH] Re: Your confirmation is needed

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  • Christine
    Aug 13, 2004
      I was referring to the ezine responses and Yahoo! rejection notices.
      I never give a damn about OE and figure those who are told the risks and
      continue to use it deserve what they get. However, their email targets do
      not. I never said I could or would help with that. I said I can help with
      Outlook, as in the full, separate PIM, vs. OE the newsgroup reader
      integrated into IE. Have you ever thought about why so many ISPs use OE as
      their shell? Its because it is so easy to program/manipulate around,
      through, into, and with.

      Rather than changing ISPs -- although why not? They do stink -- I would
      look into a decent Personal Information Manager (PIM) to help avoid some of
      the things that OE makes so easier for spammers, virus creators, etc.

      Just my opinion and experience talking.

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